Hello! This is our webpage. You will find important information about us and our projects and achievements. The group is led by Dr. Carmen Amaro, microbiologist professor at the University of Valencia.

Our investigation is focused on aquatic pathogens related to Aquaculture-industry, mainly on those that could constitute a threat to public health.​

We carry out two main types of research:​

  • Basic investigation on Vibrio vulnificus; on its evolution, life cycle and host-pathogen interaction by using a combination of «omic» and «single» gene approaches together with in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo assays.
  • We also have an applied research line led by Dr. Belén Fouz whose aim is to:
    • Identify fish pathogens
    • Diagnose fish diseases
    • Design and test new vaccines
    • Study immunoprotection lend by special diets

You can also check our collection of Vibrio vulnificus strains available in our lab.